Friday, 25 May 2012

Cane Do with Sensei Mick Farrow

Who is Sensei Mick Farrow?

Sensei Mick Farrow is 52 years old and has been in the Martial Arts for over 35 years. He holds a rank of 4th dan in Cane Do as well as 2nd dan in Shotokan karate, freestyle karate, Five circles Street Defence, 1st dan in kobudo, Battojutsu and with the Canemasters UK and USA. He is alsoa conflict resolution trainer (CRT).

What is Cane Do?

Cane Do is essentially self-defence with a walking stick. After working with members of the Cane Masters in America, who aim to promote the sport, Mick decided, together with his son Michael, to put his own syllabus - called Cane Do - together and start teaching it. 

Head of the Universal Cane Council, Stephen Fyffe, heard about Mick's great work and offered him life-long membership in the society, before he was awarded the 4th dan in the sport. 

Mick's syllabus takes the student from 5th kyu to 5th dan Grand-Cane-Master,using the 3 K of karate: "kata, kumite and kihon". He started teaching his system in 2010 and it has been going well ever since.

 The system currently has 12 cane kata and the kumite is taught in the form of one-steps as well as basic blocks, strikes and self-defence. 

What will Mick be doing at Marfest this year?

Mick is planning to bring six of his students along with him to demonstrate some basic kihon, some kata and one-step sparring. 

Mick will also be on the 'taster mats' where you can join in and learn some Cane Do self defence moves with the cane master himself. Not to be missed!

Photos from Mick Farrows website:

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