Wednesday, 23 May 2012

What's install at MarFest this year?

This years festival will follow a similar pattern to last year with a mixture of demonstrations from some top instructors in their art and taster mats for you to try out some martial arts yourself!

The line up of demonstrators this year will be:

Kung Fu - Paul Tennet 
Jujitsu - Chris Poole 
Karate - John Bruce, Holly stirling
Directional Fighting Method - Phil Doherty
Judo - John Pickering
Tae Kwon Do - Mike Campos
Aiki Arts - Geoff Aisbitt
Ninjutsu - Bill Patterson
Kempo Jitsu - Paul Thompson
Cane Do -  Mick Farrow
Tai Chi - Joe Harte

More information about these arts and their instructors will appear soon so please come back!

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