Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Kempo Jujitsu with Sensei Paul Thompson

Who is Paul Thompson?

Sensei Paul Thompson
Sensei Paul Thompson is 39 (almost 40) and has been in martial arts for 21 years, starting in 1991 in Goshin Ju-Jitsu under John Tulley, until 1998, when he started training under Soke Kemp (shin Ga Do Organisation). He currently holds 4th Dan in Kempo Jujitsu as well as 2nd Dan Kempo Karate and Instructors grade in Weapons.

One of his favourite sayings is “We may be a small club, but we’re a large family”.

About Seaham Kempo Jujitsu Club

Seaham Kempo Jujitsu club has been running for the past 15 years, under the instruction of Sensei Paul Thompson. The training in club is traditional Japanese Jujitsu, using the variety of throws and locking techniques found in many Japanese styles, however with the influences of Kempo Karate and additional teachings from Soke Kemp, this allows some surprising results that work well in the dojo and can be translated into real life situations for defence. 

Weapons forms are also taught including Staff - Bo, Jo, stick and Moari Bo (similar to Kubotan), along with Sai, Tonfa, Kamma, Nunchaku, Naganata and everybody’s favourite – Japanese Sword.
As mentioned, the club is affiliated with Shin Ga Do Organisation whose Hombu is in Tameside Manchester.  Regular trips are organised for day courses and weekend seminars. Under the tutelage of Soke Mark Kemp (Founder of Shin Ga Do), students get to experience a variety of styles, including traditional Jujitsu, Japanese and Chinese weapons, Kempo Karate and Gung Fu.

The Marfest demonstration:

During the demonstration, Sensei Paul intends to demonstrate the basics of Jujitsu showing the core techniques from the style as well as demonstrating some of the weapons forms...


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