Friday, 8 June 2012

Moi Fa Wing Chun with Sifu Paul Tennet...

What is Wing chun kung fu?

Most, if not all, Chinese fighting styles are collectively known as kung fu. The words kung fu basically translates to “skill achieved through effort” or “hard work”. There are hundreds of styles of kung fu, Wing Chun simply being one of them.

Wing Chun is named after the woman for whom the style is named in her honour. It is a Southern Chinese style and is known as a ‘soft’ style, but it is in fact a blend of both hard and soft techniques.

Wing Chun is based on three principles:

1.    Simultaneous defence and counter attack by interception
2.    Economy of motion in every technique
3.    Protect the centre line.

Some of the main elements taught are:

Bong sau – “Wing arm”.  This refers to the Crane bird using its wing to protect its breast and teaches some of the underlying principles of Wing Chun and teaches students how to cover against an attack.

Chi sau - "sticking hands". This is a term for the principle, and drills used for the development of automatic reflexes upon contact and the idea of "sticking" to the opponent.

Wooden Dummy - The dummy, as used in Wing Chun Kung Fu, is approached with the intention of developing particular skills for the acquisition of further skill in sticky hands and ultimately self -defence. It is designed to aid in teaching a practitioner the importance of achieving the strongest angle of approach to apply pressure and, because the dummy is generally made of hardwood to add weight, it is used to develop the correct use of strength and power when up close.

Wing Chun contains many types of strikes, kicks and trapping techniques and is practised through a variety of drills, forms and weapons including butterfly knives and the long pole.

What is Moi Fa Wing Chun?

Moi Fa Wing Chun is based on Sifu Tennet's experiences and training predominantly in TJ Wing Chun, WSL Wing Chun and Lun Gai's Foshan Wing Chun. With the Academy's Wing Chun you have a unique and comprehensive blend of authentic and practical wing chun as descended from Ip Man. Sifu Tennet has also devised modern training methods to enhance the skills and enable safe but functional training drills.

Who is Sifu Paul Tennet?

Chief Instructor and founder of the Academy is Paul Tennet. Over the last two decades he has searched for, and studied various styles with some of the best instructors from across the world including; in China, Hong Kong, Europe and North America. Since starting to teach he has taught workshops to students in Canada, Ireland and the UK. Paul has also competed in the UK and Europe, and some of the students have competed in UK tournaments. Along with these activities, academy instructors are also involved in teaching workshops to various community groups and schools. Workshops cover self defence, lion dancing and tai chi, and are very popular with children and adults alike. See Paul's website

At Marfest….
Sifu Tennet and his students always start off proceedings at the festival with the Lion Dance (see separate blog post). He will then be leading a demonstration of Wing Chun and will be providing taster sessions on our come and try it mats….

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